How to Build a Landing Page in 10 Easy Steps

Find out how you can build a landing page much quicker than a developer—no coding skills required. Follow these 10 simple steps to get your marketing campaign up and running with a beautiful, high-converting page.

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How to Build a Landing Page in 10 Easy Steps

Find out how you can build a landing page much quicker than a developer—no coding skills required. Follow these 10 simple steps to get your marketing campaign up and running with a beautiful, high-converting page.

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The Step-by-Step Process to Create a New Landing Page


Learn When to Use a Landing Page

First, let’s chat about when to use a landing page vs. your website. Because if you’re running an online promotion, ad campaign, or trying to generate more leads for your business—landing pages convert significantly better.

Use a Website

If you’re looking to raise brand awareness and don’t need visitors to take action. Just know that most folks will bounce because there are loads of distracting links and different paths to take.

Use a Landing Page

If you have a specific marketing goal (e.g., get more leads, sign-ups, or sales). On a landing page, there are fewer distractions and everything leads to one, singular call to action.

Want to learn more about the difference between a landing page and your website? Watch this video.

The Proof is in the Pudding

And by pudding, we mean profit. This calculator will show you how much you could earn
by sending visitors to a landing page instead of a website.

We’ll treat $ as your profit per lead.
2. Without using Unbounce’s landing pages, if you average 100 leads per month, that’s…
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Set Your Campaign Goal

Every great landing page starts with a clear and measurable goal. This will help you figure out what elements you need on the page, how to write your copy, and what templates you should use. So—what do you want to accomplish with your landing page?

Drive More Sales

For ecommerce marketers, landing pages can help you turn browsers into buyers. Start out by choosing one particular product you want to promote—or a group of related products.

Get More Conversions

For agency marketers, you can use landing pages to get more conversions for your business and your clients.

Generate More Leads

For SaaS marketers, landing pages can help you fuel growth. Decide whether you want visitors to sign up for a free resource, product demo, free trial, or consultation with your sales team.

* If possible, use data you have from a previous campaign to set a goal for your landing page that’s both realistic and measurable. The more specific you can be, the better. If you’re not sure what your goal should be, check out the 2020 Conversion Benchmark Report for the most recent industry benchmarks.


Write Your Copy

While most folks are eager to jump ahead and get designing, it’s usually better to start with your copy first. The Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™️ machine learning model has proven that landing page copy is twice as important to conversion rates as design. So crank up the lo-fi hip hop writing beats, open a fresh Google Doc, and flex those typing fingers.

Nail the Headline

You’ve got less than 15 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention on a landing page—which means the headline is probably the most important thing you will write. Make sure it’s memorable, clear, and solves the problem your visitors care about most.

Focus on the Benefits

Visitors want to hear about how you’ll solve their problems, how your product will help make their lives easier, and why this will benefit them. Don’t just list a bunch of features and call it a day—try to think about things from your ideal visitor’s perspective.

Keep it Simple

In general, landing pages tend to convert better when they’re easy to read and not overly long. Avoid complicated business jargon, keep your sentences short, and try to cut out any unnecessary bits that you don’t actually need on the page.

Check the Conversion Benchmark Report for more industry insights

Craft Your CTA

Your CTA (or call to action) is what you want visitors to actually do on your landing page. This can take the shape of a form or a click-through button. Take some time to decide what action you want visitors to take—and the best way you can convince them to take it.

Make it Specific

While CTA buttons like “Learn More” or “Get Started” can work—they’re also pretty vague. Visitors won’t know what to expect when they click a button like that. Try to be more specific and descriptive to get better results. (“See Pricing” or “Start Your Free Trial” might work better.)

Make it Simple

If you’re including a form on the page, consider how you can make it shorter and easier for visitors to fill out. Longer forms with more fields tend to have lower conversion rates. (And the best-converting forms tend to just have one field—email address.)

Make it Singular

The advantage of a landing page is that it eliminates all the other distractions you find on websites. Give your visitors only one path forward to take. Avoid featuring navigation links to other pages, headers, footers, or any other calls to action.


Select Your Images

Now that you’ve got your copy written, it’s time to work on the visuals of your landing page. Start out by selecting what images you want to feature—whether those are product images, stock photos, or custom illustrations.
icon_copy Created with Sketch.

Choose a Hero Image

Most landing pages start out with a big, beautiful image to show visitors what the offer is all about. With Unbounce, you can choose from over 1,000,000 free, professional-grade images right inside the builder.

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Go for People Over Product

Where possible, try to include real photographs of people using or enjoying the product on your landing page. These will help visitors connect with your offer on a more personal and emotional level—which will also make them more likely to convert.

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Visualize the Benefits

Look for more images to support the rest of your landing page copy. Most visitors won’t actually read every word you write—so you may want to get creative with different product images or custom illustrations to help tell a visual story on the page as well.

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Design Your Landing Page

Put away those old HTML and CSS coding books—you don’t need ‘em. With Unbounce, you’ll be able to put together a landing page as easily as a grilled cheese sandwich.
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Start with a Template

You don’t have to start from scratch with your design. Take advantage of one of the 100+ high-converting templates that come free with every Unbounce account.

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Lay Out Your Content

Next, you’ll want to drag and drop your text and visuals onto the landing page. This is a good time to see what it all looks like together, and which sections you might need to trim.

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Match Your Brand

Give your landing page the same look and feel as the rest of your website. Bring in your business logo, update the fonts, and match your brand colors precisely.

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Make it Mobile-Friendly

Finish up by optimizing the layout of your landing page for mobile devices. (In Unbounce, you can do this by enabling the mobile view and making any final adjustments.)


Connect Your Landing Page

A landing page all by itself won’t do you much good. Now that it’s hot and fresh out the kitchen, you’ll want to connect to your business domain, set up analytics, and integrate any other tools in your marketing stack.

Your URL

Connect your landing page to your domain and customize the URL. (You can do this in just a few minutes if you’re using Unbounce with WordPress
—no DNS or CNAME required.)

Add Tracking and Custom Scripts

Embed tracking for scripts like Google Analytics (or any other analytics software). You’ll be able to keep track of who’s visiting your landing page, and what actions they’re taking.

Integrate Your Marketing Tools

Set up your campaign so it automatically passes leads to your CRM. There are over 1,000 integrations with Unbounce, including tools like Salesforce, Mailchimp, Hubspot, and Hotjar.


Preview and Publish

This right here is the moment you’ve been waiting for. But before you pop the champagne and hit publish on your landing page, give it one more look-over to make sure you’re ready for a world debut.

Check the Copy

Do a quick spot-check to make sure there are no typos or grammar issues on your page. You wouldn’t want to make a bad first impregnant impression.

Check the SEO

Make sure you select whether or not you want your page to be visible to search engines and optimize it by writing a keyword-focused page title and meta description.

Check the Forms

Is everything working the way you want
it to? Did you set up a “Thank You” page after someone submits? Go through the page as a visitor would to see if there’s anything you missed.


Drive Traffic

It’s alive, it’s alive! Now that your page is up and running, it’s time to start sending folks to check it out. Here are some of the best ways to drive traffic towards your landing page.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Use Google Ads to hit the top of search engine results. You’ll be able to get a lower cost-per-click with your landing page by targeting relevant keywords that match your headline.

Social Ads

Use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter ads to send visitors to your page. You can hone in on a particular audience with granular targeting and lookalike ad campaigns.

Email Marketing

Turn your email subscribers into full-fledged customers by sending out promos that link to your landing page. You can tailor new variants for different segments of your list.


Test and Optimize

Don’t just set it and forget it—check back and see what other improvements you can make. It’s easy to test and optimize for a higher conversion rate with Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™ and machine learning insights.
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Duplicate Your Page

Once you’ve created your first landing page, the heavy lifting is done. Scale-up production by duplicating your page and creating a new variant.

Group 55 Created with Sketch. V3 V2 V1

Test New Elements

Try out a different version of your headline. Switch up that hero image on your page. Swap out a new CTA button. Each variant can help you test a new element on your page.

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Turn on Smart Traffic™

Convert more often by delivering the best landing page to each visitor. Use Smart Traffic and AI power to automagically send visitors to the variant that’s most relevant. It starts optimizing in as few as 50 visits—and gives pages an average conversion lift of 20%!

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