12 Irresistible SaaS and Ecommerce Lead Magnet Examples to Grow Your Audience

Can you spot your future customers in the wild? What about when they’re right under your nose (or on your website)?

More importantly, do you have a way to capture those leads while they’re on your site?

Even if you know everything there is to know about your ideal customers, it’s not always easy to recognize them through observation alone. It’s possible you have qualified leads covertly browsing your online shop or poking around your features page at this very moment.

However, unless you have a process in place to identify and capture those leads, there’s a chance they’ll bounce before you even realize they were there. How can you flag potential customers, build your email list, and get more overall value from your website traffic?

Part of the challenge is that ecommerce and SaaS leads are pretty good at blending in and—understandably—reluctant to join yet another mailing list. Add to this the fact that 96% of website visitors aren’t yet ready to buy anything, and finding a lead on your website feels a lot like a needle-in-the-haystack situation. Moreover, it becomes clear that list building and lead nurturing are vital to sales and signups for ecommerce and SaaS businesses.

So, how can you get your most qualified visitors to reveal themselves and give you their email before they bounce?

With an irresistible lead magnet.

We’ve already talked about how targeted landing pages are the best place to send people who click through your marketing emails, social posts, and ads. But when it comes to collecting emails, qualifying leads, and capturing visitor data—lead magnets are the way to go.

Getting visitors to raise their hand by downloading a specific piece of content or signing up for a discount means you can grow your audience, build your email list, and nurture more leads into customers.

The Power of Lead Magnets for Ecommerce and SaaS

You already know that email marketing is one of the best ways to grow your audience, promote relevant offers, and turn subscribers into software signups and product sales. But before you can use email campaigns to charm and nurture leads, you need a way to get in touch with them.

That is, you need to build your email list.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as asking visitors to subscribe to your super cool newsletter. There needs to be a better reason for them to give up their contact info—an offer they can’t refuse. You need a lead magnet to literally pull them in.

What makes lead magnets so valuable for SaaS and ecommerce marketers?

A targeted lead magnet is an effective way to build your email list. Not only do lead magnets attract potential customers, but they can also capture relevant information, such as a visitor’s email address, name, phone number, or whatever else you need to know.

By creating targeted landing pages or popup lead magnets, you can use customized lead generation forms to gather valuable contact data. This gives you the info you need to best nurture them into customers—whether that’s done through retargeting, email campaigns, or personalized messaging.

Lead magnets also minimize traffic waste by creating opportunities to connect with visitors who aren’t yet ready to convert. You can grab people before they leave your site with a targeted offer and incentivize visitors who would otherwise bounce to continue browsing or sign up to receive future deals and discounts.

Plus, when visitors enter your lead magnet funnel, it helps you qualify them further by hinting at where they are in the buyers’ journey and what products or services they’re most interested in. For instance, if you sell kitchen supplies online and someone downloads your ebook on cake decorating, then they’re probably more interested in piping tips than grilling utensils.

Now for Some Very Attractive Lead Magnet Landing Page and Popup Examples

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own lead magnet, you may as well get it from the best. That’s why we compiled this collection of high-converting lead magnets from Unbounce customers, as well as a range of interesting examples from around the web.

These are all real examples of effective landing page and popup lead magnets for SaaS and ecommerce businesses. Enjoy!

High-Converting Lead Magnet Examples Built with Unbounce


Thinkific is a platform that makes it easy to create, market, and sell online courses and memberships.

The target audience for this lead magnet is someone in the early stages of planning or developing an online course. With a very healthy conversion rate of 77%, this downloadable guide plays a key role in Thinkific’s lead generation efforts and SaaS growth.

As far as gated content goes, this example works so well because the offer is so specific and high value to their target audience. By offering an “online course curriculum and content guide,” they’re addressing the biggest challenge their leads are facing.

The full landing page answers common questions their target audience is grappling with, like:

  • “How do I decide what my curriculum should include?”
  • “What will my course look like?”
  • “What content should my course cover?”
  • “How can I best plan it all out?”

Here’s the winning formula you can try yourself:

An easy ask (single field download form) + a specific, targeted offer = a no-brainer signup


A webinar can work as a great lead magnet, but only if the topic is specific enough to attract the right kind of lead. In this case, SmartAdvocate is actually cross-selling a new service to existing customers (though it could certainly appeal to non-customer leads who are getting close to making a purchase).

This page has an 80% conversion rate, which SmartAdvocate pulls off in part thanks to their intimate understanding of who their leads are and what major challenges they face when working remotely.

When it comes to creating an attractive lead magnet, you’ve got to consider who your target audience is. How much information is necessary to persuade them to convert? How specific should your offer be? If you’re hosting a webinar, how niche should your topic be?

Cast a wide net and you’ll certainly capture some leads—but it will be more challenging to identify those who are most qualified. Alternatively, hosting this type of niche webinar can be a good way to filter out less qualified leads as well as highlight customers who are already invested in your product or brand (and most likely to up their spend).

The winning formula at play here:

Knowing your audience + cross-selling opportunity + clear offer = more downloads from pre-qualified leads


When it comes to ecommerce landing pages that sell, this example from Sonarworks ticks all the right boxes.

They run an ebook campaign about once a month and tend to get decent conversion rates across the board. The example above, a landing page for “Digital Audio Demystified,” has an enviable conversion rate of 86%.

How did they achieve this? Since they run these campaigns so frequently and use A/B testing to optimize their results, Sonarworks has been able to finetune their lead magnet pages and offerings to get more downloads and, ultimately, more leads for their email list.

These days, a person’s email address is a tightly-guarded commodity. Getting someone to give you their personal information requires getting creative with your lead magnet design and offer. You need to offer immense value and give prospective customers a reason to trust you.

The winning formula to try yourself:

A/B testing to optimize your landing page + address audience pain points = clear-as-day value + an offer that can’t be ignored


Guesty’s property management software helps property managers keep tabs on all their short-term rental listings from one place. Owners can manage their properties across multiple booking platforms, including Airbnb and Booking.com.

They host physical events around the world as well as virtual meetups that anyone can attend if they pre-register. This signup page, which doubles as a lead magnet, was so effective that a whopping 92% of visitors converted! And Guesty is able to capture valuable data about each attendee, including the number of property listings they have and where they’re located.

This information alone gives Guesty a key piece of insight into the type of messaging that would be most effective in nurturing each lead. Independent property owners with a handful of properties belong to a very different customer segment than, say, property management companies with hundreds of listings. By requiring leads to select a number of listings to sign up, they filter out anyone who’s not explicitly in their target audience.

What’s the winning formula at play here?

Low barrier to entry + qualifying form fields + a hyper-relevant offer = a super targeted and high-converting crowd


Attribution is a data-driven attribution platform that helps B2B marketers pinpoint high-converting touches and channels to get more value from their ad spend.

There are a few reasons this lead magnet is performing well for Attribution. Not only does the page balance informative and compelling copy, but it includes an image of the ebook itself to help visitors visualize the offer.

Combine that with a simple lead gen form and it’s no surprise this page has a respectable conversion rate of 28.45% from 1,086 visits.

But perhaps the true key to replicating this success comes from understanding what’s going on behind the scenes. That is, the landing page is paired with a highly targeted campaign on LinkedIn Ads that goes after SaaS CMOs only. The landing page speaks to that persona directly.

Here’s the winning formula to try for yourself:

Targeted ads + matching landing page + persona-specific messaging = high-converting lead magnet

Wellness Whole

This landing page and popup were created by agency Webistry for Wellness Whole. The goal was to promote a children’s multivitamin from Samuraw and capture leads with an ebook for parents of children dealing with insomnia and stress.

Our favorite thing about this lead magnet is its creative format and smart placement. By layering this lead magnet on top of a relevant article, Webistry and Wellness Whole were able to draw a certain type of visitor into their lead funnel.

In this case, parents who were already searching for information on children’s nutrition and organic supplements are greeted with a popup promoting the ebook as well as a lead gen form at the end of the article.

The takeaway? Your lead magnet doesn’t have to fit into one neat category. Don’t be afraid to try something different and combine several formats to capture leads from every angle.

The winning combination you can replicate:

Relevant article + on-page lead gen form + matching popup = plenty of chances to convert


Wedding ecommerce platform Zola used this $50 offer as a lead magnet for soon-to-be-newlywed couples.

The type of lead who responds to this offer is already thinking about creating an online registry for their wedding. The “free” cash provides an extra incentive for couples to choose Zola over their competitors and motivates leads to convert into users.

Here’s why it works: the main requirement for this rebate is to enter the email address associated with their Zola account.

So, for someone who has already created an account, there’s little reason not to take advantage of this deal. This helps turn passive ‘tire-kicker’ users into active customers who actually use the platform for their wedding registry—as it’s the only way they can redeem their $50.

On the other hand, leads who haven’t created a Zola account yet are encouraged to do so right then and there to take advantage of the offer.

As for the conversion rate? A healthy 77% of visitors signed up to grab this deal.

Here’s the formula they used to hook leads:

Tangible benefit (cash money in their pocket) + immediate value + account requirement = new users + sign ups galore


The education counselling experts at Sofiri use this popup to generate new leads from 44.6% of visitors.

Here’s how:

First, they use Google Ads to drive relevant traffic to a landing page. In this example, they’re directing ESL students to a page focused on the International English Landing Testing System (IELTS).

Then, they provide free access to their platform (an app that helps students find and apply for courses at Australian institutions) and a free English language course. However, since not every visitor is ready to sign up right away, they sweeten the deal and add urgency by offering to pay students to use their platform.

The popup above is used to capture traffic that might otherwise bounce. Rather than including a lead generation form directly on the page or popup, interested students must click through to collect on this offer. Those who click are redirected to a registration page, where they can either sign up or sign in to earn up to $1,000.

The magic formula here is:

Targeted ads + high-value offer = 1,000 compelling reasons to click through

More SaaS and Ecommerce Lead Magnets from Around the Web

The High Roller

Is your email address worth $1,000? When you’re actively shopping for bags and accessories online, the answer is almost always yes.

Why we picked this lead magnet example from Samara:

  • Thanks to one big-ticket prize, there’s a highly-perceived value to spinning the wheel (a $1,000 shopping spree!).
  • The offer is clear and easy to understand. Having multiple prizes on the wheel suggests a high chance of winning something, even if it’s not the grand prize.
  • The results are immediate. Once someone spins, they find out right away what they’ve won.

The lesson? You’ll capture more leads with honey than vinegar. Sweeten the offer with a high-value reward and instant gratification (like immediate results or an instantly applied discount).

The Welcome Discount

Never underestimate the power of a simple discount, especially when your goal is building your email list.

Here’s why we like this popup example from MeUndies:

  • It’s self-aware and doesn’t take itself too seriously by acknowledging the nature of the “trade” being presented—the visitor’s email in exchange for a decent discount. Of course, this works here because it’s in line with the brand’s cheeky persona.
  • There’s a low barrier to entry. The single-field lead form doesn’t even ask for a first name.
  • The two-step opt-in also gives leads a choice: either get the discount or get the discount and subscribe to more promotions. This might seem like a small detail, but asking leads to complete two separate actions to op-tin can actually increase conversions.

The lesson? By offering something for free (like a no-strings-attached discount or free shipping), you’re building goodwill and playing off the principle of reciprocity. That is, if you do something for someone, they’re usually more willing to do you a favor in return, whether that’s subscribing to your mailing list or just following through with a purchase.

The Freebie

Giving leads a free demo is the SaaS equivalent to free samples. It gives people a chance to preview your solution and gives you an opportunity to get to know your leads better.

Here’s why we like this landing page from Udemy:

  • It’s specific to one customer segment. Udemy offers a huge range of courses for various audiences, but this page zeros in on those interested in Udemy for Business.
  • The lead form is on the longer side and almost every field is required. This filters out lukewarm leads who aren’t quite ready for a demo, which means those who do “get in touch” are likely much closer to signing up.

The lesson? Your lead magnet design should match the type of lead you’re trying to capture. If you’re targeting more sales-ready leads (those who already know about your solution and might be getting ready to pull the trigger), consider using a detailed lead form that requires a bit of effort to complete.

The Interactive Quiz

Interestingly, this quiz doesn’t require an email address to unlock your results. However, it does collect plenty of other personal information about the shopper and their eyewear preferences.

Here’s why Warby Parker caught our eye with their lead magnet quiz:

  • It’s more interactive and fun to complete than your typical lead magnet.
  • It collects specific data that helps them segment visitors into customer types.
  • The quiz results match specific frame recommendations to visitors, effectively nurturing leads while they’re still on the site.

The lesson? If you’re looking for an alternative to standard lead forms, placing a quiz on your site is a fun, approachable way to capture lead information.  Even if you don’t nab their email address right away, quizzes allow you to collect valuable data for retargeting and lead nurturing.

Turn More Clicks into Customers

We hope these examples have inspired you to go forth and experiment with lead magnets of your own. Aside from ensuring your landing page or popup stands out from the crowd and your offer is hyper-relevant, you’ll also need a stellar lead nurturing campaign ready to go out to new subscribers.

Whether you’re just getting started with email marketing or are looking to leverage your growing list, Unbounce landing pages can help make the most of every lead. Increase conversions by creating a consistent experience for every lead on your list—from inbox to post-click. Ready to unleash the full potential of your email marketing campaigns? Turn more email clicks into sales and signups with Unbounce.

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